From Vision to Action: Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

ASG Leather Pvt Ltd is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its business. It runs in the fabric of our company and defines every step we take. We understand that being a part of the polluting fashion industry, it is essential we do our bit to minimize impact where we can. We are truly averse to synthetic materials, and believe that plastic, PU and all other synthetic materials are leading us towards sure doom and the world would really do much better without synthetics. Hence our efforts are always geared towards the use of natural materials wherever possible and that is reflected in all aspects of our design whether it be our products or our packaging or auxiliary materials. 

Initiatives in Sustainability

Our Leather

90% of the leather used in our production is vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is made using natural materials, such as bark and leaves, and it is a more environmentally friendly process although this is more expensive and time consuming. It also lends a distinct patina to the bag that gets better with age and is more durable.

We are also pioneers and front runners of Volcanic mineral tanning technology and we have a dedicated tannery in India that is recognised as capable of making 100% chrome-free leather with this special tanning process.

ASG Tannery has LWG gold rated certificate and follows best manufacturing practices that include procuring raw materials from correct, ethical and LWG certified sources. This ensures traceability right from the starting raw material stages to the end. The goal is to ensure harmonious positive ecosystem throughout the supply chain.

Piece Dyeing

Instead of tanning whole sheets of leather, we only dye the exact amount of leather needed piece by piece, thereby increasing the cutting yield leading to lesser wastage.Through this breakthrough technique, our usable leather yield has increased by around 30%.

 Piece-dyeing has the following benefits:

  • Limits/negates the need for stocking large amounts of inventory
  • Reduces wastage of leather 
  • Water conservation: Piece dyeing typically requires less water compared to other dyeing methods.
  • Reduced chemical usage: Piece dyeing leads to lower chemical usage because it involves fewer dyeing cycles and treatments. This results in a smaller amount of dye and chemicals being used overall

Polypropylene Drums

ASG Tannery uses Polypropylene Drums for leather processing that helps in reduction of water consumption by 30% compared to the traditional wooden drums. Wooden drums consume enormous amounts of water during leather production mainly due to frequent washing to remove residues which are easily washed off in PP drums. This is a prime example of adoption of minimal waste generating processes and emphasis on controlled use of resources like water and electricity

In-house brand Kompanero

Our brand Kompanero has retail stores across the country. We have used only natural materials to build the store and even the communication easel stand is made of corkboard and we use sustainable canvas fabric to print promotions and not Flex- such is the attention to detail given by us.